Survival Kit

Do you have a survival kit in your car?  No, I’m not talking about a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire and a map showing locations of walled cities; you know, zombie apocalypse stuff. What I am referring to are things like bottled water, non-perishable snack items, blankets, kitty litter (put this under your tires for traction on ice), flashlight and extra batteries, phone charger that will plug into your car, jumper cables etc.   For most of us, these items would rarely ever be needed.  Even though just a few years ago we had a large snow that came into WNC fast and dumped over a foot in just several hours which left hundreds of people sitting on I-26 for almost 12 hours.  So it might not be a life or death situation for most but it could be the difference of 12 hrs of hunger and frustration or “this isn’t so bad, at least I’ve got snacks and a drink!”  So gather up some items, put them in a gym bag or plastic tote and slide them in your trunk.  It won’tarticle-2103339-11CC60BD000005DC-993_634x371 cost you much but if you ever do need them you’ll be glad it there!