Brake Dust

Here at VW Specialties we get probably 2 or 3 customers a month that have a concern about squeaking brakes.  A lot of the times what we find is a build up of brake dust is the cause of the squeak not worn out brake pads.  So this is another reason to keep your Volkswagen or Audi’s wheels washed off and clean.  You can do this with a water hose equipped with a jet type nozzle, although a pressure washer works better (like at the manual car wash).  You want to aim the spray of water between the spokes of your wheel hitting the brake rotor and caliper.  I would advise to do this when the car has been sitting and the brakes have cooled for at least 15 minutes, to avoid warping the rotors.  For questions about brake squeak or anything else about your VW or Audi give VW Specialties a call.