Correct Oil

Did you know your Volkswagen or Audi requires a specific type of engine oil based on which engine your vehicle has.  Not using the correct oil can lead to mechanical problems.  For example the 2004.5-2007 VW Diesel engine requires a special classification of oil due to the extreme pressure on the camshaft.  Not using this oil has lead to camshaft lobe wear on many of these vehicles (this means a new camshaft and a lot of $).  Also any turbo engine should be running a full synthetic oil. Not doing so leads to sludge build up inside the engine and a multitude of problems.  So for a correct VW oil change or Audi oil change call VW Specialties.  Or any other VW service or Audi service.

Tire Pressure

Making sure your VW or Audi has the proper tire pressure is a crucial safety issue. Tire pressure is one of the most important safety aspects of your car. Incorrect tire pressure can compromise cornering, braking and stability. And in the worst-case scenario, improper tire pressure can lead to tire failure — and a serious accident. Incorrect tire pressure also will affect your comfort, fuel economy and tire life. An under inflated tire is harder to roll therefore consuming more fuel, and with the price of gas and diesel fuel today who can afford that? If you’re not sure how to check your tire pressure or what pressure they should have give VW Specialties a call we would be glad to assist you.

Coolant flush

Here at VW Specialties we recommend flushing your engines cooling system every 2 years. The reason for this is that as coolant/antifreeze gets old it starts to break down chemically. As it breaks down it does not dissipate heat as well and it begins to cause corrosion in the cooling system. This corrosion can start to circulate through the cooling system and cause blockages. Also this corrosion causes excess wear on moving parts leading to failure. One common cause of water pump failure is poor coolant quality, since the pump is lubricated by the coolant. Almost all VW’s and Audi’s have a pink colored coolant. If you check your’s and it looks brown/rusty or like chocolate milk, it’s definitely time for a flush. If it looks good but hasn’t been changed in 3 or 4 years it’s probably time for a flush as well.

Brake flush

Did you know your Volkswagen or Audi brake system needs to be flushed every 2 years? The reason for this is brake fluid is hygroscopic, this means it absorbs moisture. Moisture causes corrosion and corrosion leads to part failures. Your braking system is probably the 2nd most important system on your car next to steering. Plus the rather small cost of a VW brake flush or a Audi brake flush is money well spent to reduce the costs or eliminate future repairs.