Gas Mileage

With a gallon of regular unleaded approaching $4.00 a gallon the number of miles you get from that gallon is becoming more and more important.  So here are a few tips on getting better fuel mileage out of your Volkswagen or Audi.

First; Getting your VW or Audi serviced regularly is one of the most important things you can do to maximize fuel efficiency.  Regular service can spot lots of problems that reduce gas mileage.   If you can’t remember the last time your car was serviced, give VW Specialties a call. In some cases this could improve you gas mileage by 10%.  That doesn’t seem like much but if you drive 20,000 miles a year it could be at least $250.00.  That would probably cover the service.

Second; Use the correct grade oil.  Your engine was designed to be as efficient as possible using the motor oil it came with from the factory.  So changing to a different weight oil can increase friction in your engine, in a sense making the engine work harder.

Third; Tire pressure, tire pressure is the most common factor for diminished fuel mileage.  When your tires are low they are harder to roll therefore the skinny pedal has to be mashed farther to gain a certain amount of speed.  I have seen many VW’s and Audi’s that have experienced 4-8mpg loss of mileage due to underinflated tires.  Usually the correct tire pressures are located in the driver’s door jamb or in the gas flap.

Keep checking back we will be adding more fuel saving tips in the weeks to come.  Or if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to call VW Specialties.