Belts and Hoses

Have you taken a look at the belts and hoses on your engine lately?  The belts and hoses on your Volkswagen or Audi are an essential part of keeping your car on the road instead of on the side of it.  As far as hoses they should be fairly soft and pliable, you want to check these with the engine cold.  Most serpentine belts on VW’s and Audi’s have one smooth side and one ribbed side.  The ribbed side is the best to indicate age and wear.  If there are cracks running perpendicular to the ribs then it is time to replace the belt.  Timing belts are a little different; most of them are concealed behind a dust cover that can be tricky to remove.  VW and Audi timing belts should be replaced between 80-110 thousand miles depending on the engine in your vehicle. If you are not sure the last time your belts or hoses were replaced or if they indeed need replacing call VW Specialties we would be glad to inspect them for you.